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Restaurant Solutions offers a menu of options for the Manager or Owner
 to view one's business from the customers perception through the eyes of trained professionals,
dedicated to the F&B Industry.

Secret Diners,  Secret Shopper programs are the number one method America’s restaurants
and retail corporations and privatly run businesses use to actually find out what’s happening
during the operation of
their outlets.
Restaurant Solutions is proud to bring a wonderful new tool to the restaurant owner/manager.
Our program uses only qualified people who have dedicated their lives to the guidance of the
F&B industry, and who are supplied and trained with a program researched and proven in
restaurants across America.

Restaurant Solution's offices are located in Denver Colorado, and now open in Saratoga, Californa office,
serving the entire South Bay area.

Philosophy of the Passionate
"Creating a passionate
and energetic atmosphere within your restaurantrequires reacting to an action,
caring, and anticipating your customer's expectations. Combining these factors with imagination, dedication,
structure, experience, awareness staff respect, incentive, education and knowledge will lead to the continued 
consistency of product, customer service and value necessary to attract and retain guests and their loyalty."

The Food & Beverage Industry is affected by everything from the economy, quality work force availability,
daily weather, to the cost of product. Understanding this and the above statement, along with foreseeing
trends and meeting your customers’ expectations, goals are met.

Stephen E Karp
Director of Operations, Restaurant Solutions.